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Neeko Neeko
My name is Neeko! I am an 11 year old female Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. I do prefer men and will not do well around children. I am very talkative and can say several things. I am also extremely more about Neeko
Harley Harley
My name is Harley! I am a DNA'd male Blue and Gold Macaw. I am estimated to be 22 to 26 years of age. I am playful and love to cuddle. I do seem to do well with both women or men. However, I do more about Harley
Kiwi Kiwi
My name is Kiwi! I am a 19 year old male Blue and Gold Macaw! I prefer women. I am extremely playful and very active. I will need lots of various toys to keep me busy. I especially love my swing. I more about Kiwi