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Budgies (46 Available) Budgies (46 Available)
We have Budgies available for adoption. Some are paired up with others and need to be adopted together. They are perfect for apartment living as they do not get as loud as bigger birds. They more about Budgies (46 Available)
Keiko Keiko
My name is Keiko! I am a 14 year old female Blue-crowned Conure! You may recognize my species from the Disney movie Paulie. I can say Hi and imitate kissing sounds. I am a one person parrot. I will more about Keiko
Canaries Canaries
We have 3 adult female canaries. Canaries can be pleasant and relaxing to watch. They are very docile. They can live 10 plus year if well cared for. Note: We do not ship parrots and generally more about Canaries