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Bonnie and Snowball Bonnie and Snowball
We are Snowball (white with Blue patches) and Bonnie (blue). We are around 2 years old. We can be slightly skittish with fast movements but otherwise we are friendly. We would do well in a home or more about Bonnie and Snowball
Snaps and Skye Snaps and Skye
We are Snaps and Skye! Our ages are unknown. We are very skittish but we are also curious. We are not to loud and could do well in a home or an apartment. Note: We do not ship parrots and more about Snaps and Skye
Bert and Ernie Bert and Ernie
Meet Bert and Ernie. Bert is a Greencheek Conure and Ernie is a Yellow-sided Greencheek Conure. They are very bonded and will need to be adopted n together. Bert is tempermental and can be nippy. He more about Bert and Ernie