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Budgies (15 to 20  available) Budgies (15 to 20 available)
We have Budgies available for adoption. Some are paired up with others and need to be adopted together. We have some really friendly ones that would first perfectly in any family. Their ages vary more about Budgies (15 to 20 available)
Lucky Lucky
Meet Lucky! Lucky is a wild caught Goffins Cockatoo. Because Lucky is wild caught his age is unknown. He is a very good boy. He does not bite and does not have any preferences as far as who handles more about Lucky
Snaps and Skye Snaps and Skye
We are Snaps and Skye! Our ages are unknown. We are very skittish but we are also curious. We are not to loud and could do well in a home or an apartment. Note: We do not ship parrots and more about Snaps and Skye