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Budgies (40 available) Budgies (40 available)
We have Budgies available for adoption. Some are paired up with others and need to be adopted together. We have some really friendly ones that would first perfectly in any family. Their ages vary more about Budgies (40 available)
Bozman Bozman
My name is Bozman! I am a wild caught Goffins Cockatoo. I am believed to be 30 to 35 years old. I am a special need Goffins and will need a home willing to give me special eye drops daily.  I more about Bozman
Dusty Dusty
My name is Dusty! I am a 20 plus year old Goffins Cockatoo. I am primarily a man's bird and happiest with a man but I do great with women and I do tolerate older children (ages 11yrs and up). I am a more about Dusty