Parrot Boarding

Please know that contacting us ahead of time is highly recommended so that we can make sure we have space for your feathered friend. Otherwise, you may need to bring your own cage for the parrot.  You will also need to bring your parrot's food, etc.   
Boarding Fees will be paid in the form of a donation based on the daily rate.

Requirements for Boarding:

1.  A Boarding Agreement, which is available at our shelter, will be filled out prior to the start of boarding.

2.   FOOD:  You will provide an adequate amount of your parrot's daily diet for the length of their stay.

3.   TOYS:   You must bring at least THREE of your parrot's toys to be placed in their boarding cage.

Boarding Fees (per day):

$3.00 per day - LEVEL 1 sized birds (Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Budgies, Cockatiels)

$5.00 per day - LEVEL 2 sized birds (Quakers, Conures, Poicephalus, Pionus, Small Cockatoos, up to small Amazons)

$10.00 per day - LEVEL 3 sized birds (Eclectus, Goffin’s Cockatoo, Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo, Amazons, African Greys) 

$12.50 per day - LEVEL 4 sized birds (Medium Cockatoos, Large Cockatoos, up to Macaws)


If you have any questions, please contact us.